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Green Grasshopper Bike Design

The basic black color with bright green lines makes the appearance of the pattern look lit, at the bottom of the handlebars there is a line that curves downward similar to the weapon used by praying grasshoppers which is a special feature of a hunter insect. Yellow that matches with green gives a bright combination.

Upside From Green Grasshopper Bike Design

Green Grasshopper Bike Design. You can use it to reference your bicycle design. Old bicycles in worn-out warehouses can be colored to be more attractive by cleaning all existing rust. You can use stickers to make design patterns, paint patterns on the stickers and cut them carefully. With stickers, it can also be used as a print pattern to dye your bicycle with paint or ink for iron, there are various kinds of colors that can be used in the shop building, don’t forget to buy paint or ink bleach. Give color slowly, 20cm is a safe distance to give ink and wait every 5 minutes for repeated spraying, if you like doff or matte clear for paint, it can be added after all is finished.

Bottom Side From Green Grasshopper Bike Design

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